Opia (2016)

An inquisitive, little girl sets out to buy herself some ice cream. She then finds herself in an encounter with the neighbourhood children, who seem to question her presence.


Writing, direction and animation by Shanta Jethoe

Sound design by Alex Debicki


Opia was awarded with the Animation Wildcard 2016 from The Netherlands Film Fund.

Opia screenings


KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Amsterdam (2016)

LASS (Ladies Animated Short Screening), New York (2016)

Animasyros 9.0 (2016)

Animateka (2016)

DROPSTUFF, Hilversum and Amersfoort, The Netherlands (2016)

Holland Animation Film Festival (2016)

Animocje International Animated Films Festival (2017)

Netherlands Film Festival (2017)

Helemaal Melkweg, Amsterdam (2017)

Nijmeegse Kunstnacht (2018)